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The Amazing Health Benefits of Elderberry

Updated: Feb 28

If you have spent any time searching for natural cold and flu remedies, it is likely that you have seen Elderberry make the list. And for good reason! Elderberry, native to both North America and Europe, has been used for centuries in folk medicine due to its incredible health benefits.

Studies have shown Elderberry, specifically the European variety Sambucus Nigra, to have powerful anti-viral properties making it a popular choice for those suffering from viral infections such as colds or influenza. Elderberry has also been shown to help lower cholesterol, assist those with liver and kidney problems, reduce inflammation, promote skin health, enhance digestion, and fight seasonal allergies and asthma.

As you can see, the list of health benefits of this little dark purple berry is extensive. It’s no wonder that Hippocrates referred to Elderberry as his “medicine chest”. Elderberries popularity in herbal remedies has continued to this day, and now we have studies to back what herbalists have known to be true for centuries.

Let’s dig in to some of the amazing benefits of Elderberry below:

Immune Support

Elderberry’s unique antioxidant-rich composition is responsible for its superior immune-boosting abilities. When hit with foreign invaders, elderberry can activate a healthy immune system response (inflammatory cytokine production). Furthermore, Elderberry can assist in returning the body to an anti-inflammatory state once the threat has been eliminated.

Several studies have shown the anthocyanins in Elderberry to be found effective against several strains of influenza as well as other respiratory tract infections thus decreasing the duration and intensity of cold and flu symptoms.

Reduces Inflammation

Much of Elderberries anti-inflammatory capabilities come from its incredibly high antioxidant levels. These antioxidants, specifically flavonoids and anthocyanins, grant Elderberry its natural anti-inflammatory tendencies.

A recent animal study assessed elderberry extract as a medical supplement to treat acute inflammation in mice. The study sought to clarify the natural anti-inflammatory effect of elderberry and successfully established a statistically significant result.

A 2019 study evaluated the same idea concerning the human body. It regarded elderberry extract as a respected nutraceutical agent. The study depicted a great deal of therapeutic potential, not only against inflammation but also obesity and oxidative stress.

Reduce Allergies & Asthma

The anti-inflammatory benefits of elderberry also extend to allergies. With reduced inflammation comes lessened severity of allergy symptoms. Elderberry has an extensive history in helping those with respiratory tract illnesses and has been shown to improve lung function so may also be useful in the treatment of asthma.

Promote Skin Health

As you know, Elderberry is known for its antioxidants and polyphenols rich composition. These bioactive compounds help to promote proper skin health, graceful aging, skin hydration, and even color. Applying these compounds directly to the skin may help to improve overall skin health and reduce the signs of aging.

A 2019 trial utilized Elderberry extract to show its effectiveness in alleviating skin-photoaging.

A 2018 concluded elderberry is one of the most polyphenol and anthocyanin-rich compounds found in nature and can be an effective antimicrobial for skin and tissue health.

It is also important to note that Elderberry may be successful in treating skin infections. In 2011, an animal study tested elderberry extract for healing third-degree skin burns. Its antiseptic response was admirable and was also shown to significantly reduce inflammation.

Supports Digestion & Gut Health

The antioxidants in Elderberry, specifically anthocyanins, help to maintain a healthy balance of the good bacteria in our gut. Healthy bacteria balance is crucial for healthy digestion and gut health, and is a crucial part of keeping our immune system healthy and strong.

It is also important to note that Elderberry has been shown to relieve minor constipation and may also be helpful for those with irritable bowel syndrome.

Improve Heart Health

Elderberry may be especially helpful to those with high blood pressure as it helps to lower uric acid levels in the blood (a risk factor for high blood pressure. It may also help to modulate blood pressure by relaxing the endothelial lining in blood vessels. Several studies have also shown the polyphenols in Elderberry to reduce blood pressure levels.

Elderberry may also help to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol) through its sterol content.

How to use Elderberry

There are many ways to incorporate Elderberry in to your daily routine. By far the most popular of these options is:

  • Elderberry Syrup – In addition to Elderberry, Elderberry Syrup often is a mix of several herbs and spices that are also starts of immune support. Simmered and sweetened with honey, Elderberry syrup can be best described as a highly concentrated herbal tea. Small amounts (1 Tbsp for adults, 1 tsp for children 1+) can be taken daily for general immune support, and increased to 3-4x daily at the first sign of viral infection symptoms.

  • Elderberry Gummies are another popular method of consuming Elderberry. Made with Elderberry Syrup, apples and pectin and cooked down into gummy form, these are often the choice for children or those who are traveling and prefer something easily taken on the go. It can be taken daily (3 gummies for adults, 1 for children) for general immune support, and increased to 3-4x daily at the first sign of viral infection symptoms.

Elderberry can also be consumed as tea, jelly or juice!

**Elderberries must be cooked prior to consumption – do not eat raw berries**

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